Quarterly magazine edited by Swiss (Italian) communication agency Publigood SA, Ticino Welcome is the main reference point for those who wish to know and appreciate the history and culture, the economic dynamism, the quality of life in the Canton: the moderate climate, the beauty of its surroundings, the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to innovate and plan a sustainable future.

Ticino Welcome, with its services, interviews, round tables, articles by qualified contributors, its elegant graphic layout, has for over 10 years reported and analysed the projects, plans, political, economic, social and tourism issues such as it presents the cultural activities, the businesses, the personalities, the men and women who wish to build something important and at pace with the changes in society.

It is the first true territorial promotional magazine in Canton Ticino, aimed at opinion leaders, at professionals in all sectors, at institutions, at companies and entrepreneurs and is also circulated in Italy. It serves a mid-high target interested in all the products and services that the Ticino region offers under various profiles including; economy, tourism, culture, eno-gastronomy and commerce. But, at the same time, Ticino Welcome aims to be a critical voice, a positive stimulus, so that the results so far acquired and the conditions of wellbeing achieved can be preserved in time, making Ticino ever more charming and attractive throughout the world.






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